Can I add an image to a push notification on ios/android with the expo notifications api ?

I’m trying to display an image with the notification body, how can I achieve this.
I have a nodejs backend that sends the notifications to all listed users with a specific push token.
the backend looks like this:

static async createMessages(message, pushTokens) {
const { body, title, product, productImg } = message;
let messages = ;
for (let pushToken of pushTokens) {
if (!Expo.isExpoPushToken(pushToken)) {
console.error(Push token ${pushToken} is not a valid Expo push token);
to: pushToken,
sound: ‘default’,
title: title,
subtitle: product,
body: body,
launchImageName: productImg,
data: {},
return messages;

static sendMessages = async (messages) => {
    let chunks = PushNotificationsUtil.expo.chunkPushNotifications(messages);
    let tickets = [];
    for (let chunk of chunks) {
        try {
            let ticketChunk = await PushNotificationsUtil.expo.sendPushNotificationsAsync(chunk);
        } catch (error) {
    return tickets;

all data is displayed. apart from the image :frowning: … on the launchImageName property, I’m sending an image URL.

any help will be highly appreciated.