Can Expo play multiple sounds

Can Expo Audio play multiple sounds at the same time? either while looping or trigger at the same time ?

currently experimenting building a music sampler and it works in theory. By that i mean it works but the sounds get distorted and come in and out.

if you need to see code or if its just not supported let me know.



Unfortunately, I’m not super familiar with the details of the audio API but I can try to help.

Can you share code if its easy? Ideally a snack or a full project.
That would be helpful!

hey so i ran into another issue with the API i posted it here
there you can find the code. to something similar to what im doing.

Yes it can it had nothing to do with expo. :smile:

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Hi, Shinedark. I am also using Audio.Sound to play multiple sounds at once and I experience distortions occasionally when I play more than 1 track at a time. Sounds like you found the reason, you mind sharing why or even better the solution on how to get rid of it?

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hey! :wave: you can set different volumes to each sound or if you have bitrate that might affect the sound. please share code or repo for me to help.

Hi, thanks a lot! I will try playing around with that and see if it helps, I assume a lower bit rate decreases the risk of distortion. Is the same true for volume? My code is in a private repo at the moment, will share some if this doesn’t help.

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hey if you are on IOS bit rate just causes distortion to my knowledge, read on

Note that a rate different than 1.0 is currently only available on Android API version 23 and later and iOS.

Best Shine