Can Expo get a connection from localhost (my local server using Expo XDE)

Hi guys,

I have my own API server running on my computer and also debugging my application using Expo XDE. And I need to send an image data to API server (from my computer camera).

Also I can’t login to localhost:8000/login; Basically I can’t send a HTTP request to my server. It worked with emulator though.

I think debugging on the device doesn’t seem working like debugging on emulator.

Can Expo get a connection from localhost (my local server using Expo XDE)? How do you

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I’m running into the same problem. My understanding is that the Info.plist file in iOS needs to be configured for http. In the Info.plist file, it’s under App Transport Security Exceptions. However, with Expo, I’m not sure how this is done, or if it will work.

I’m running node and express on my local machine, and am trying to access http://localhost:3000. I can access it from Postman and the emulator, but not from my iPhone.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else is running into this. If so, maybe an issue needs to be opened on GitHub.

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Actually, fixed it. The app needs to be pointed to your local server.

This is the issue on GitHub

To find out what your local server ip address is, this article can help


Hey joshkuhar, can you elaborate more on your solution? I know this is an old thread but hopefully someone can chime in, thanks.

simply find your local Ip address of your PC/Laptop and access api in your emulator with IP address
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