Camera viewport is different to result

the camera viewport is different from the result.
Camera on the left, result on the right.

Any ideas?

Hi @feelx, I can confirm it is a bug that I discovered recently :disappointed_relieved: it is caused by the top margin (or at least the preview not being aligned with top edge). I am going to fix this for next SDK.

@aalices Perfect! Do you know when the new SDK will be released? I plan to publish my app at the end of the month, so it would be nice to have this bug fixed.

oh, I think it will be out in the beginning of June :speak_no_evil:

ah no :confused: is the any workaround I can do?

Haven’t tried that myself but maybe your top bar with check and X icons sould be inside Camera component as an overlay, so the picture will be bigger (I guess) and then in ImageManipulator you can properly crop it. Not sure if it is not an overkill, tho

Thanks! Build a workaround and its working! :slight_smile:

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