camera.recordAsync rename uri property to meaningful name.

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  1. SDK Version: 40
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): All

I am using the recordAsync() method on the camera. I was wondering if there was anyway to give a more meaningful name to the object containing video file uri property. For Context I am emailing the video recorded, and it would help me if I could give it a meaningful Name. Otherwise it’s just a very large serial number .mov file in the end.

Hey @sushmeet, you should be able to leverage the FileSystem module to achieve this. Specifically the moveAsync method and the makeDirectoryAsync method if you want to colocate video files into a specific dir.


Hi @adamjnav
Thanks very much for your reply. Yup so the FileSystem module did the trick
// I recreate a video URL
const videoUrl = ${FileSystem.cacheDirectory}${firstName}-${lastName}.mov;
// Then I moveAsync or use copyAsync
await FileSystem.copyAsync({
from: capturedVideo,
to: videoUrl,

I was wondering however if there were any thoughts around Enhancing the API of the Camera modules recordAsync to accept a Path argument where we could essentially send a path name like {firstName}-{lastName} and then the file produced would be appended with it. If a path name was not provided then we would just get a uuid as we have one created now.
My reasoning is that it would atleast in my case where I simple want a named file, reduce a lot of overhead in calling the File System module.

Let me know your thoughts

Thanks for your help

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