Camera permission

Expo sdk 40 IOS and android.
Hello, I just want to ask do I have to add camera permissions to my permissions and info.plist and build and submit new versions to play and app store if I want to use expo-image-picker. In documentation for expo-image-picker it says:" In managed apps, the permissions to pick images, from camera ( Permissions.CAMERA ) or camera roll ( Permissions.MEDIA_LIBRARY ), are added automatically.".
Does this mean i can just do OTA update?
Thank you very much.

Hey @miroslavskela, you could add the JS code needed to ask for the permissions and use the ImagePicker module but you will also need to edit the permission strings Deploying to App Stores - Expo Documentation which require a new build submission. If those permission strings are not modified, you risk rejection from the App Store.


Hey @adamjnav, thank for reply. I just published changes for IOS using OTA update, and it went well, but I will definitely submit new build with camera permission string. I just want to say that Android does not work if you don’t have WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions in permissions array.

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