Camera not stoping recording. promise not resolved

I’m having some problems handling the camera object:

I have a camera object that I start recording (recordAsync) at componentDidMount and I stop it (stopRecording) at componentWillUnmount. however the promise is never resolved (neither the then, catch no finally are called)

am I doing something wrong?

thanks in advance

Hey @ggaspar,

Can you share your code in a Snack so we can try and debug it?



thanks for your reply.
here you go, a simplified version of it. I’m testing it using an iPhone 6.
In this example I used a maxDuration:2. But I get the same outcome if I use the stopRecording


[EDIT] : this code is quite different form the one described in the original post, but it’s simpler, and the problem is still happening

my current suspicion is that we can’t start recording directly when a component is rendered. An by ‘directly’ I mean without any further action from the user.

If I do it in two steps (p.e. waiting for the user to click somewhere), if works perfectly. But I don’t see any reference to this behaviour / limitation in the documentation.

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