Camera image doesn't appear same Iphone

This question has been addressed here:
But there’s no response to this thread yet and the response by @aalices references video.
Using the setting zoom: 0 (which is the default) my camera appears like this on expo:

However on my native Iphone it appears like this:

As you can see the iphone image shows a lot more of the surrounding area. How can I get expo to appear like my iphone camera does?

Following up on this, I notice that the view that’s given is the camera record view. How would one set it to regular camera view?


See this post from one of the Expo team members:

I’m not sure what “camera record view” vs. “regular camera view” are, but if you have more relevant info, please add it to the issue linked in the above post.

@wodin yes on the device (iphone) when you open the camera you have options one being the camera you use to record a video and one used to take pictures. It appears that Expo is selecting the same view as the camera to record a video. On the Camera component in Expo there is no distinction between camera to record video and camera to take pictures. That is what i meant by camera record view and regular camera view.

OK. Thanks for updating the issue on GitHub.

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