Camera crashing on Android when state changes

I’m trying to implement the screen below. The red border should only show when the camera is recording, but this crashes the phone on Android.

I think the problem is that if state changes, the camera needs to re-render (i.e. this.state.isRecording changes to true). Meanwhile is being called and it crashes the phone since the camera ref also changes and so trying to start a recording on a camera that has been unmounted causes the device to crash.

I even tried to use the setState second param callback, but this doesn’t work either and the screen just goes black.

Click record on the snack below on an Android device.

See functions record1 and record2, and containerStyles inside the render function.

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Hi @darkwata - I think you may be correct about the root cause of the crash you’re seeing. However, you can rather easily work around this by putting everything you want to change in a separate absolutely-positioned View that is on top of your Camera instance. I was able to get your example working with just a few changes: camera - Snack see the changes in styles.recordingContainer and in render.

Hope this helps!

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@esamelson THAT worked wonders! Thank you. I tried doing this before but I stopped part way through thinking it wasn’t going to work. You convinced me it could work so I refactored things and it worked out, you the best!


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