Call Soap web service NTLM Authentication

Hi, i am new to expo and react-native. I want to call soap web service ( asmx) with windows NTLM authentication.

Need help and support on this. How to pass credentials and sample code to call soap service.

Pls help

Hi. You’re trying to do two things that are both very uncommon things to do from JavaScript.
If you absolutely need to do this from the Expo app I would start doing searches for things like the following:

However I think you might have more luck writing a sort of proxy server that will run on a server. It can accept whatever authentication mechanism and maybe a protocol based on sending and receiving JSON. When it receives a request from the app it would transform the data from the app into the format needed by the SOAP service and make the SOAP call. It would also need to translate the SOAP responses from the server into JSON before sending it back to the app.

On the other hand, if this is just for a very simple SOAP endpoint you might be able to get away with manually constructing the HTTP requests and use fetch to talk to it and somehow parse the XML responses. This would be a bit of a kludge, though :-/

Yet another option would be to search for native code that implements NTLM authentication and SOAP and then eject your Expo app and make use of the native code to handle the NTLM and SOAP parts. Maybe one of these searches would help with that:

Good luck

Thankyou will try.

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