c.default memo not a function in 'c.default memo(w)'

Get this error when code runs in Snack.
Device: (1053:881) c.default.memo is not a function. (In ‘c.default.memo(w)’, ‘c.default.memo’ is undefined)
Evaluating module://components/QuizList.js.js
Evaluating module://App.js.js
Loading module://App.js

Hey @lwellington,

Could you link the Snack that brings up this error?

Edit: memo is included in React 16.6.0, the latest SDK (32) uses React 16.5.0, so that explains the error


Here is the link. https://snack.expo.io/@lwellington/p3-flashcard . Do I have to uninstall React 16.6.0 and install React 16.5.0 for this error to disappear?



Snack is running SDK 32 (you can switch to older SDKs, but that’s the most recent), which is pinned at React 16.5.0, so you can’t make use of memo until the next SDK version :confused:

What JDK version works with the Android Studio ver 3.2 ? ( is needed for Expo) I have installed the JDK both version 11 and 12. On the next step… when I install Android Studio and choose Custom install I cannot check the boxes for Android SDK, Android SDK Platform, Intel HAXM, and Android Virtual Device to install them. Also, when I choose Configure and select SDK MANAGER I have the same problem. So, I must have the wrong JDK for the Android Studio 3.2 version. Please help. Thanks

Lourdes Wellington

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