Bundled assets are not loading

I am currently trying to build a standalone app with the assets bundled through turtle-cli. The apk that is produced does have the assets bundled as I can see them when viewing the apk in android studio. But when I install the app and open on an android phone, I get the error message: Error: Failed to connect to localhost/ and my images are not showing.

Expo version: 36.0.2

Expo cli version: 3.21.5

Turtle cli version: 0.15.0

Below is the publish/build process:

    expo export --public-url https://localhost:4443  --no-dev

    cd dist
    python $(httpsServer.secureFilePath) $(serverCert.SecureFilePath) &
    cd ..

    turtle setup:android 
    turtle build:android --keystore-path $(keyStore.secureFilePath) --keystore-alias $(keystore-alias) -t 
    apk --public-url https://localhost:4443/android-index.json

My app.json includes this:

    "updates": {
      "enabled": false
    "assetBundlePatterns": [

I found a similar issue at SDK 32 Android Bundled Assets not loading - #11 by jamesmorad. I did change my export command from using -dev option to using the --no-dev option. This didn’t solve my issue and I also get a new error - error: unknown option `–no-dev’. Am I missing something?

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