Bundle your assets inside your standalone binary - not working

Having issues getting this to work properly.

i have tried all combinations of paths in the app.json
right now i have a test folder within my assets folder with only three small jpgs inside.

i have tried:

"assetBundlePatterns": [

as well as


but when i run exp build:android and check the contents of the apk once downloaded… there are no images to be found.

i have even tried direct path’s to the jpegs themselves with no success.

currently on expo version 25.0.0


What OS and what version of the exp command line tool are you using?

hey @janic,

currently on windows 8. and version 46.0.3 for the cli.

I hadn’t considered the cli… i’ll run an update on that now

hey @janic,

seems to be working now. It’s a pity the documentation only states version 25 of expo and doesn’t mention cli versions… i lost an entire day to this.

Thanks for mentioning the cli version.

Sorry about that, I will make sure to update the doc!

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