Bundle Assets for Expokit SDK 27 not working

The fonts and images cannot be loaded when the production app is opened,
given that:

  • I have used a wildcard assetsBundlePatterns,
  • I have noticed hashed file names are added to shell-manifest.json when publishing the app, and
  • In my app, image sources are imported using require directly and @expo/vector-icons are used.

This occurs on both Android and iOS.

Is there any chance you could post your source code here? It will be much easier to figure out what’s going on with that.

Sorry. It seems difficult for me to post my source code since its large codebase.
But I guess it might be about how to access it.
Could you indicate how should be the right way accessing the:

  • bundled assets (e.g. require…, Expo.Assets.fromModule… etc.)
  • @expo/vector-icon

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