Builds are failing without any logs

Hey there,

We have an issue related to Expo build service where our CircleCI pipeline builds are failing without any helpful logs.

✖ Build failed.
[06:11:09] Standalone build failed!

Here are the concerned build links:

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

hi! I took a look at the extra logs we have and it seems like there’s a problem with the credentials being provided to these builds. Have you changed around your bundle ID recently? I would also recommend checking to make sure your provisioning profile and distribution certificate are not expired (nothing bad comes from revoking and renewing your provisioning profile and distribution certificate, so you can also try that)

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your response!

No, we actually haven’t changed anything. I double-checked to make sure that all of our certificates are valid. Builds started failing after we upgraded to Expo 38 and more specifically after changing the sdkVersion attribute from 37.0.0 to 38.0.0.

it looks like only your staging release channel builds are failing (this build on sdk 38 was successful), and an sdk version upgrade wouldn’t result in the error message we’re getting (basically, that we’re unable to validate your credentials)

what are the differences between those two release channels?

We have different release channels targeted for different users.

I just have one more link for you to look at, if possible :raised_hands:t3:. because it had the same warnings as the other builds, yet this one was successful

[12:54:25] Unable to validate distribution certificate due to insufficient Apple Credentials
[12:54:25] Unable to validate Push Keys due to insufficient Apple Credentials

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