Building iOS with empty EXPO_IOS_DIST_P12_PASSWORD


I’m trying to build an ios IPA with the command below:

EXPO_APPLE_PASSWORD=XXX EXPO_IOS_DIST_P12_PASSWORD='' expo build:ios -t archive --apple-id --release-channel channel1 --dist-p12-path cert/dist.p12 --provisioning-profile-path cert/dist.mobileprovision --team-id 123

Since in bash setting an env variable to empty string is equal to unset, I get the following message:

In order to provide a Distribution Certificate through the CLI parameters, you have to pass --dist-p12-path parameter, --team-id parameter and set EXPO_IOS_DIST_P12_PASSWORD environment variable.

Is there a way to use a dist certificate which doesn’t have a password?

My only solution so far is to eject the application and deploy it manually, but that’s not ideal


Sorted, was able to change the password for the p12 distribution certificate. Not the best solution, but worked for now
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