Building iOS ipa on Windows

I am new to Expo, but believe I can use this to build an ipa for iOS to be dsitributed to a company’s employees via inTune (it is not to be a publicly available app).

As I don’t have access to a MAC and therefore X-Code, can I do this from a Windows machine using Expo?

If so, would it be available to all Expo users (which I don’t want) or can it be restricted?


If you are going to build for iOS you’ll need access to a mac… Apple doesn’t support to much of their software on Windows.

Also I don’t htink Expo is at the point yet where you can privately publish files yet especially for Apple devices. Android it would be easy to get the final APK file and distribute yourself but I believe for Apple devices it has to be signed and downloaded from the store/itunes only for it to work. ( please correct me if i’m wrong here ).

As for your last question, you can set your app so when you publish it publishes it privately so only you can view which apps you have published (I assume the staff of Expo also have access to this data, but the average user of Expo would not).

If all you need is the IPA to use with intune(?) you can generate and get hands on your ipa using a windows machine. <- follow this guide.

You will have to pay for an apple dev account though.