Building apk stuck at "configuring" forever

I’m trying to run an android build on a physical device using expo run:android, but the process gets stuck at:

<=====--------> 41% CONFIGURING

Here is some more context of the console output:

[CXX1101] NDK at /home/mikibo/Android/Sdk/ndk/23.1.7779620 did not have a file
Checking the license for package NDK (Side by side) 23.1.7779620 in /home/mikibo/Android/Sdk/licenses
License for package NDK (Side by side) 23.1.7779620 accepted.
Preparing "Install NDK (Side by side) 23.1.7779620 (revision: 23.1.7779620)".
<=====--------> 41% CONFIGURING [11m 19s]
> :expo > :expo-modules-core

I appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks in advance.

After a long patience of about 30mins, it finally proceeds :smile: . But why does take too long :cry: ?

Edit: Maybe it was downloading something heavy; If that’s the case then staying quiet isn’t helpful…it should show that it’s downloading something.

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