Building an android in expo automatically creates a background

Dear developer.

This is what I see when testing on xde. (not build just watch qr code with phone)

Here, the wallpaper looks white.


However, when you run the app using the built apk file, it looks like below.

Why is the build and the screen I see in xde different?

I am really sorry Please help me.

Hi @moonjong93 thank you for the report. We’ll take a look at this.

@moonjong93 Is the issue gone if you explicitly set your main View’s background color to white?

Excuse me
If I do not need color, should I specify it?

I do not specify the background color.

    main: {
        flex: 5,
 <View style={styles.main}>

What happens if you do

main: {
  flex: 5,
  backgroundColor: 'white',


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