Building after using release-channel


I was trying to use release channel as follows :
exp publish --release-channel dev

and then I tried to build this channel :
exp build:android --release-channel dev

but it shows that Android: Build in progress…, and I don’t have any build before.
username : alriyami

My work stopped because I can’t get new APK.

  • Do we have a way that allows me to generate the build without expo server?
  • or, do we have a way that allows us to kill the process by our self? like exp build:terminate

Hi! Sorry about that. We’re working to improve the reliability of the build service. In the meantime, can you provide your build ID?

Hi, I don’t have build ID, could you find it by username?

I just restarted all of the hung build jobs, can you check the status again in a few minutes?

great, now it’s working. Thanks a lot