Build to my own iPhone, without submitting to App Store?

Hey guys,

I’m following the exp build: iso process documented here

However, really I just wrote this app for myself, I’d like it to be installed on my own phone and have no ambitions to submit it to the App Store. I’m aware that this is possible with your own Personal Developer certifificate (used in xCode), and I understand that if you want to upload to App Store, at that point you will require a paid membership.

During the exp build: iso process I’m being told that there is an error gathering credentials because i don’t have a paid membership.

Question: Is this the correct route to go if I want to just install the app to my own phone? I would really rather not eject and go via xCode.

As a workaround, you could maybe publish your app on Expo and then make a weblink that you store to your homescreen that will trigger opening the app in the Expo Client. And then put a bookmark to that web link on your home screen.

Maybe there is another solution I haven’t thought of.

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