Build Stuck in queue for over 2 hours now!

Please let us know of this issue ASAP!

Hi there — we’re resolving some issues with the build machines as we speak. 40 minute delays to process a build are certainly not normal, but can happen under extremely heavy load or if the build servers in a bad state.

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In addition to @jess’s reply, it would be great, if before posting a topic, you do a quick glance and see if there are other topics related with your topic. You’d see that there are several build queue topics that have been addressed.




Yup. We did. And there is nothing from Today, Apr 4 2018.

Thus, we why posted.

You’re searching by relevance. Try switching it to latest post.

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Relevance is Default. To avoid future issues like this, might help to ensure “Latest Post” is Default.

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