Build stuck in queue for 15 hours now


I launched a build for android 15 hours ago now and it is still in queue. Is there any problem with the server?

Hi, we are investigating that issue.

If your build is in queue longer that would suggest, then cancel that build via website and ran it again

I was afraid of cancelling it and going to the back of the queue, but indeed cancelling and starting again had the new build done within a few minutes. :slight_smile:

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Should definitely not take that long to upload. If you reload the “All Builds” page does it show as Finished or not yet? If it’s not yet finished it’s probably worth cancelling and trying again.

By the “All Builds” page, I mean:

EDIT: Given you deleted your last message I assume it finished? :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, I deleted the message because I assumed it would be faster to restart the build rather than waiting for an answer :sweat_smile:

So I have a whole new build in queue now.

By the way, the log was saying “upload done” even though the step was stuck on 8/9 Uploading to S3.

:laughing: yes, that might often be the case.

Not sure what that means :man_shrugging:

This is the log that I had in the expo build tool:

You can see it says “done uploading”, but the build itself was still stuck on this step.

Did you try downloading from that URL?

When I said I wasn’t sure what “that” means, I meant the fact that it had supposedly uploaded, but was still stuck. I understood perfectly what you were saying :slight_smile:

I did not! Didn’t realize it was an option… or that it would be safe. I assumed something important had to happen in step 9/9 ?

The url does let me download a build!

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Off hand I don’t know what happens in step 9. I last built something over a month ago, so can’t check the logs now.

I apologize for the downtime. One backend service updated and blocked 2.0 builds because of an API incompatibility. Our engineers resolved this and 2.0 builds are running again.

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