Build standalone Android app


I’m trying to prepare the release build of the app in order to publish on Google Play.
In my case I don’t want to publish the js bundle on any server, so I’m not running expo publish.

When installing the apk on the device I’m getting the error “Could not load embedded manifest…” after the splash screen.
This is exactly as explained here:

I just wanted to ask as of today what is expected to be in embeddedResponses in ?
And what to return in publishedUrl in ?

The exception I’m seeing is triggered here:

Thanks a lot

P.S: I can run the app in debug and I know how to generate the bundle using expo export

The only reference I’ve found in the documentation is:

It’s not clear to me the changes needed in order to load the manifest and the bundle embedded.

Anyone has ever done that ? Or is it just not possible in Expo to eject an Android app that is not going to hit the server for the bundle ?


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Found why it was not working, it’s because the urls in embeddedResponses need to match the ones in shell-app-manifest.json