Build Signed APK. First run

Please help me with this trouble:
I detached my expo project, made some native changes (android) and built signed apk. I have successfully installed it on my mobile, but with first run without connection to the internet i have this error:

When I run the app with connection to the internet, it loads ok.

At the moment, I believe that ExpoKit builds don’t come with a pre-cached copy of the JavaScript bundle. I believe this is something we’re planning to do in the near future, but I don’t have an exact estimate of when that’ll be available (cc @ben @jesse).

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This is a really critical feature especially where the app is run with low bandwidth. It seems even with the detach option, the Expo way is good enough just for prototyping purpose and not production level releases. It would be great to see the pre-caching of javascript feature prioritized, otherwise any production grade app would have to be built using “eject”, which isn’t good for Expo.