'build queued' message is unhelpful and does not give even the slightest hint of how long is 'normal' to wait.....

“Waiting for build to complete. … Build queued…”

…that’s great and all, but the (new)user-experience as i sit here wondering if 1 minute, 10minutes, 1hour, 10hrs is ‘normal’ is absolutely ridiculous, and i blame you, the expo devs for wasting potentially 10 or more hours of every person who uses ‘expo build:…’ and sits patiently waiting for something that is never* going to happen.(as i sit here i still don’t know if my build will ever progress). Honestly, how hard would it have been for the tool to simply say… “you are position ZZ in queue”, and update it each time the queue gets shorter, or get an average build time in minutes for your typical build, and say “our servers are busy right now, but we estimate XX minutes till we can build your thing for you”… or both.

frustrated user feedback.


It would probably be a good idea to create a feature request to ask for more feedback like “you are currently at position X in the queue” etc.

Also, see https://expo.io/turtle-status to get an idea of what’s going on, although you can’t tell from that where you are in the queue. You can at least get an idea of when the peak times are and maybe try to avoid building during those times.

If there is spare capacity it can take something like 6 minutes to build an app. During peak times it can take much longer, but I can’t say what the average/median/whatever build times are, since I have not done a large number of builds myself and tend to build during off-peak times.

It’s also possible to set up turtle to build things on your own infrastructure instead of building on Expo’s servers. And of course there’s the option of signing up for the priority plan, which would give you priority access to Expo’s build farm amongst other things.


I just hope u understand that my complaint is not about how long it takes in absolute numbers, it’s about the fact there is no way of knowing how long it SHOULD take… eg, if the message had said to me “please expect your build to take worst-case up to an hour” , I would have been OK with that, particularly as a first time user.

Yes, I understand that a lack of information can be very frustrating.

I don’t think that changes my answer :slight_smile:

If you create a feature request to improve this, post a link here and I’ll upvote it.

╭─~/coding/testing-bg-color ‹master›
╰─$ expo build:android --no-publish                                       130 ↵
Checking if there is a build in progress...

Looking for releases...
Using existing release on channel "default":
publicationId: 8ee522d9-c635-45b7-9df4-3ff64c4a8d47
  publishedTime: 2019-12-28T01:47:56.127Z
Checking if this build already exists...

Build started, it may take a few minutes to complete.
You can check the queue length at https://expo.io/turtle-status

You can monitor the build at


Waiting for build to complete. You can press Ctrl+C to exit.
⠇ Build queued...

we do clearly say here:

You can check the queue length at https://expo.io/turtle-status

that said, i do agree it would be nicer to provide an estimate based on the data on this site!

but also, we really don’t need feedback as rude as this. if you can’t act more civil and kind please do not participate in this community, we don’t need you here.

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“we really don’t need feedback as rude as this. if you can’t act more civil and kind please do not participate in this community, we don’t need you here.” - wow, is it just me or is this statement an utterly innappropriate response to my honest-but-blunt feedback, which really IS trying to help you make the out-of-box user experience better, not worse.
So, what I hear when you say something like that is " as a community, expo doesn’t give a shit about how you feel, and doesn’t appreciate brutal-honesty, even if it’s goal is simply to help, and we’d rather have a nice day than acknowledge and fix imperfections". maybe that’s not what you said, but it’s clearly how it sounds. sure, my first post in this thread was ‘blunt’ , and i acknowledge that, but calling me ‘rude’ and telling me to go away is totally the wrong attitude too.

it’s just you


Hi David

“Brutal honesty” is not needed to get your point across. Sorry, I should have said something about it before. The Expo team has limited resources and as you can see from the feature requests there are hundreds of people clamouring for all sorts of other features, so they have to prioritise. But if a valid concern is pointed out they do take notice. I’m sure it can be quite demoralising to receive such harsh feedback when a simple request for estimated build times or queue positions would have been just as honest and sufficient. Even if you had said it was frustrating not to know those details. But saying things like “I blame you for wasting …” is not needed to get the point across.

My reading of Brent’s comment was that he found your post rude, not you. Also he was not telling you to go away. Rather he was asking you to be civil and kind.


for the record, this thread really didn’t go as planned, i was super hopeful you’d see it for what it was, but by banning my first account, wow, some-one at expo got trigger-happy on the ban button. dude/s, totally unneecessary, i’m a software engineer with more than 20yrs experience who was 95% to being utterly impressed by expo/snack, but I’m now walking away from delivering anything with expo, as clearly the community is intolerant, and unfriendly to even the slightest ruffle in your day. don’t both banning this second account, i’ll never use it again.

we are always happy to receive constructive feedback. with 20 years of experience in the software industry i don’t imagine this is the first time you have run into a situation related to your way with words, so i don’t think there is any benefit to us dissecting the discussion further. good bye!

for other readers - the account was not banned it was suspended for a week along with the reason “unnecessarily rude conduct”

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