Build/publish app to my clients apple developer account


I am a developer with my developer account. I am developing my first app for a client who also has a developer account and I have been made an Admin of his account so I can publish builds to his account.
I am developing a React Native App in Expo and build/publishing with EAS.

I am trying to publish to IOS app store.

I have got my client to create the app on his account with a bundle identifier:


When I run the build command

eas build -p ios

i supply my appleid when it asks and then it asks me for the provider and then I select my client as the provider (Kevin Davson) and then I get this error message and the build stops:

The bundle identifier com.malcolmds.WWIIAircraftModellingkd is not available to team “Malcolm Smith (Individual)” (G58GW4HB88), change it in your app config and try again

As you can see it is saying my team Malcolm Smith and not my clients team Kevin Davson so it cant find the bundle identifier??

So how do I specify the team in build process??

Can you suggest an answer or lead me to help on how to publish apps to a developer account when you are a Admin user (developer).