Build issue for the SDK version 26

I have been used SDK version: ‘26.0.0’, Currently not able to take the build. It show’s an error 26.0.0 is not a valid SDK version. Options are 34.0.0, 31.0.0, 32.0.0, If there any way to take the build without upgrading the version.

The version of Expo you’re using is no longer supported by the expo cli as far as I know.
The earliest version available to you here is 31. As someone who recently did the upgrade proccess myself, upgrading version by version helped identify changes that I needed to make in my app as I went.

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Hey @saravana_95,

As lark mentioned, you’ll need to upgrade to a newer, supported version to be able to create a new binary. If you’re building an .apk, you’ll need to upgrade to SDK33 at least, as SDK33 introduced 64-bit support which is now required for new submissions to the Play Store.


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