Build is stuck and I did not write down the link


So I started an Android build today which is apparently stuck because it is running for about two hours now (normally it is taking about 10 mins for my builds) which is not a problem per se. Just cancel it, right?

Well, it seems that unfortunately I can’t. Once the build link was shown in the Expo CLI there is no way to retrieve it again, is that correct? (I did not find a reference anywhere which stated how I could get the link to the running build again, at least).

Concluding, I might need one of the admins to clear my build queue please :slight_smile:


Ok so the build errored out in the mean time.

The general issue still persists though: Is there any way to get the link to a current, running build after issuing the initial exp build:platform command?

Hey there! You can see a list of builds for a particular Expo app by visiting (where you need to fill in @your/app inside that link). It will only work for apps owned by your account.

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