Build:ios not working without --clear-credentials option

Hi everyone,

I’m only able to build an ipa with the -c option over here. Don’t know why, but if I make without it, the only thing that results is a Build Error. It’s probably because I messed up with the certs and some old one must be cached in somewhere.

Does anyone know a fix for that? Should I open a issue on github?


It could be that the app bundle identifier you used is already taken.

I ran into that error when i was attempting to push an expo app to an iOS app that I had already published a while ago using swift. I tried using the same bundle identifier so that I didn’t have to go through the entire itunes.connect app setup process, since I already had an app I liked, i just wanted to upload a new apk using expo.

It didn’t work, and each build failed until I changed the bundleIdentifier in app.json to a new one.

Hope this helps!