Build fails in exp 52.0.0

Building with 49.2.2 recommended I upgrade to 52.0.0.

52.0.0 build fails with the error below. Downgrading got it working again.

$ exp build:android
17:18:28 [exp] Making sure project is set up correctly...
17:18:33 [exp] Your project looks good!
17:18:33 [exp] Checking if current build exists...

17:18:34 [exp] No currently active or previous builds for this project.
17:18:35 [exp] Unable to find an existing exp instance for this directory, starting a new one...
17:18:43 [exp] Starting Metro Bundler on port 19001.

      for (let line of msg.split('\n')) {
TypeError: msg.split is not a function
    at logLines (/Users/ville/Projects/expo/universe/dev/exp/src/exp.js:135:28)
    at logWithLevel (/Users/ville/Projects/expo/universe/dev/exp/src/exp.js:202:11)
    at /Users/ville/Projects/expo/universe/dev/exp/src/exp.js:256:11
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at PackagerLogsStream.updateLogs [as _updateLogs] (/Users/ville/Projects/expo/universe/dev/exp/src/exp.js:255:22)
    at func (/xdl/src/logs/PackagerLogsStream.js:428:12)
    at PackagerLogsStream._enqueueFlushLogsToAdd (/xdl/src/logs/PackagerLogsStream.js:440:7)
    at PackagerLogsStream._enqueueAppendLogChunk (/xdl/src/logs/PackagerLogsStream.js:422:12)
    at PackagerLogsStream._handleMetroEvent (/xdl/src/logs/PackagerLogsStream.js:257:10)
    at Object.write (/xdl/src/logs/PackagerLogsStream.js:194:18)
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Sorry about that.
Would you mind creating an issue here if you have time?

@fson – looks like this might just be a bug in exp.


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