Build failed. Standalone build failed!

Hi devs! Today I had a problem when compiling one apk.

I used the comand line with a used every day, to compile another apks… the following…

expo push:android:upload --config “variants/myapp.json” --api-key “myApiKey”


expo build:android --config “variants/myapp.json”

I wrote the keystore, passwords, alias… as I always do.

Then, the builds start, so after some minutes the build stop and throw an error… like this:

Waiting for build to complete.
You can press Ctrl+C to exit. It won’t cancel the build, you’ll be able to monitor it at the printed URL.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Build failed.
Standalone build failed!

And no logs was created… when I entered on to view log there is no log there…

Somebody can tell me whats going on?


try just expo build:android

Ok, but my app have many variants, I use one project to do many, then, my project have one folder called ‘variants’ whos have many variants of my app, then I need to inform to the build how variant I want to build. I believe whitch if I do you suggestion the builder will build just app.json, but I will try, and after I put here the result.


Oh no… when I execute “expo build:android” the build builds on app.json… I don’t have any idea about this error. I revised all json of my app, and it is all right. To do a test I builded another app of same project, and the build do it correctly, the unique difference between both json is whitch the app builded with success is an old json who I builded many times, and the app with build error is new. A important information is, when I build de same json to iOS I have success…

Somebody help me please!

This problem was reported in another post anda had a solution by expo team. Now my app was builded with success! Link: Getting error when trying to build android

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