Build failed: Internal Server Error.

We are on Expo 46, managed workflow, using EAS to build our app. Today, for the last 2+ hours, we are unable to build.

We are on the Enterprise plan, but have no way to request support without paying extra add-on charge.

Your error says:

If the problem persists, report the issue.

Well, it’s persisting, so I would like to know what to do next? Your status pages indicate all is up and running normally.

Hi there!

Can you share a link to your build page? Also, you can submit a ticket through Contact Us — Expo

We prioritize support for Enterprise customers, and the Enterprise Support plan provides an SLA and direct access to a team / account manager (more info) - but it’s not needed for prioritized support.

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ok, I have submitted a ticket. thanks

Here are links in different projects:

there was an issue with intel fleet when you ran those builds. i’d suggest switching over to the m-medium worker type - this will result in faster and more reliable builds. M1 workers now available on EAS Build | Exposition