Build error after update: Execution failed for task ':expo-updates:compileDebugKotlin'.

After today update, my app stopped building for Android platform.
Managed workflow, development mode (it does not work for production mode either), eas-cli 0.57.0

Url to the build:

Yesterday everyting works perfectly fine.

your last successful build was from a different commit: Build Details — 5f297746-d2dd-48f5-88d3-71273bd5fc05 — receptomat — Expo

you should look at the changes between commits to see what might have caused this. also, your expo doctor output shows a lot of potential issues

Hi @asterius

Try building again. It looks like they have recently fixed an issue:

A fix has been implemented for Expo SDK 43 through 47 (beta). We are monitoring Android build results.
Posted 14 minutes ago. Nov 04, 2022 - 14:53 PDT

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Yes, it works again. Thank you!

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