Build android app-bundle with “app signing” certificates

I have an already published (to Google Play) APK that was built by Expo . The key was also created by Expo. Until now everything works great.

I tried to build an app-bundle because now it is the recommended way to build apps for Android . It also helps to reduce app size.

I followed this documentation (that is not 100% clear). I ran expo opt-in-google-play-signing and followed the instructions. Eventually the certificates in Google Console were created successfully .

In Release Management > App Signing it now says “App signing by Google Play is enabled for this app”.

But it looks like those certificates were not successfully uploaded to Expo (I am not sure if this is the problem).

I am building the app-bundle with this command: expo build:android -t app-bundle .

But the problem is when I am trying to upload the app-bundle in the Release Management in the console it says that the app is signed with a wrong upload certificate.

I tried everything that I was able to find in the searches but nothing helped.

I am completely lost. Can someone please instruct me how I can correctly build the app-bundle and successfully upload it to Google Play?

What is the output of expo fetch:android:hashes? Does the output matches hashes in google play console?

Does expo opt-in-google-play-signing exited successfully? There was question at the end of the process whether opt in was successful (update o expo server was supposed to happen after positive answer), what did you answer?

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