Build an IPA file for test and for apple store

Hello everyone. I have the following case and I have encountered some doubts. I want to test an app for Apple using an IPA file. But to generate the build first my apple developer account is required. I have 2 apple developer accounts, one of my own and the other is from the company where I work. One is personal account and the other is company account. I want to use my personal account to generate an IPA just for testing and I will use the company account when I finally upload the IPA to the apple store. My question is if I use my personal account first and some application credentials are generated. Can I upload that same application to the store using the company account without problems? Because apple may already recognize that an application has been generated (the application that I build only for testing).

I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

I sadly cannot directly answer your question.

However: you can upload an Alpha version which can be testet via an App called testflight (Internal Testing). For this you don’t need any apple review process. I would highly recommend you to do this and invite your second AppleID account as an Admin or Dev, so you can test the Alpha version.

Hope that helps!