Bug: Unable to connect to Expo In App purchases for android default.connectAsync not defined

SDK Version: 40
Platforms: Android

Bug Report:

Unable to connect to InAppPurchases and gives not defined error for every main function it has.

Steps to Reproduce

npm install expo-in-app-purchases
npm install react-native-unimodules

In my PurchaseScreen.js

import * as InAppPurchases from 'expo-in-app-purchases';

componentDidMount() {		

getDetails = async () => {
			const history = await InAppPurchases.connectAsync();

Actual Behavior

I am getting

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘_ExpoInAppPurchases.default.connectAsync’)
for await InAppPurchases.connectAsync()

however if i simply do

await connectAsync();
I get Can't find variable: connectAsync

Seems like this is a major bug in expo. Is there a solution to make this working without moving to bare workflow ?

Hey @dorapax, as the docs indicate the InAppPurchases module is only available in the bare workflow.


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