Bug? expo.android.icon is not applied to all uses of icon on Android

This is in Expo 22.

I added an expo.android.icon value in my app.json so I could have an icon with transparency on Android. I left expo.icon set to my original icon for iOS to use.

When I did this, the homescreen icon changed over to my new Android-specific icon- great! But the icon in the title bar for the app in the app switcher stayed the same as what was in expo.icon.

This might be Android caching something. I removed the expo.icon value entirely, and it was still using the old value. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled, and it was using expo.android.icon. Then I went back and installed the original apk with the different expo.icon and expo.android.icon values, and it was using the expo.android.icon icon in both places.

Now I’m not convinced it’s entirely on Android - I made an updated build with expo.icon and expo.android.icon both set, and the app switcher is back to using expo.icon instead of expo.android.icon, even after uninstall reinstall. If someone could clarify when the Android build process uses expo.icon and when it uses expo.android.icon, that’d be great. Thanks!

Update: I am able to reliably make the Android app switcher icon match the Android homescreen icon if I remove the expo.icon field from app.json. BUT, my iOS build fails unless expo.icon is populated (it doesn’t fail for Android)- even when expo.ios.icon is already populated. So I either have to accept the wrong icon in the app switcher or build my iOS and Android apps with two different app.json files.

I believe @jesse resolved an issue with icons on our Android builder last ~Friday or so. Can you try again and see if this is still broken?

Just tried it on a build I completed tonight, the app switcher icon is still different from the homescreen icon.

Ok thanks @llamaluvr. I’ll take a look

@llamaluvr I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Opened up one of the apks and I don’t see any instances of the original icon. Can you send me the original link to the apk that has the incorrect app switcher icon?

I’ll DM you one right now. Thanks for taking a look!