Browser history needs a DOM

I created an application with expo, I started from the project with the tabs.

I download a list of articles from my site and print it in the react app, I created a searchbar to search for the results, I can also go into the detail of each article.

The app works correctly from the Web. When I try to build it for Android I get the following error:

Invariant failed: Browser history needs a DOM

I think the problem is here:

import {BrowserRouter, Router, Link, Route, Switch} from 'react-router-dom';
              <Route path="/detail/:id" component={RouterDetail}/>
              <Route exact={true} path="/home" render={() => content}/>

I searched a lot on the web, but I really couldn’t understand how to solve my problem. How come my app doesn’t work with android?

hello, any way to fix it ?