Branch SDK Error

I am getting this Error: [Unhandled promise rejection: Error: BranchUniversalObject for ident A6987200-1271-49C2-A26C-E10B45B5A72B not found.]
while following the Example Documentation here:

My implementation looks like this:

createBranchUniversalObject = async () => {
    const { randomId } = this.props.onboarding
    this._branchUniversalObject = await Branch.createBranchUniversalObject(
        title: `Leaderboard Share`,
        // contentImageUrl: ``,
        contentDescription: `User invite through Leaderboard`,
        // This metadata can be used to easily navigate back to this screen
        // when implementing deep linking with `Branch.subscribe`.
        metadata: {
          screen: 'MainLeaderboard',
          params: JSON.stringify({ volleyId }),
    console.log(`createBranchUniversalObject branch obect: ${JSON.stringify(this._branchUniversalObject, null, 2)}`)
  onShareLinkPress = async () => {
    console.log(`onShareLinkPress branch obect: ${JSON.stringify(this._branchUniversalObject, null, 2)}`)
    const shareOptions = {
      messageHeader: `Message Header`,
      messageBody: `Message Body`,
    let linkProperties = { feature: 'share', channel: 'RNApp' }
    await this._branchUniversalObject.showShareSheet(shareOptions, linkProperties);

The error is related to ident being associated with a different value in each method. I have tried to set everything inside state and call it but I’m still getting two separate ident results from each time this._branchUniversalObject is referred to.

I don’t see anything in the code you shared. :thinking:
How are you importing Branch? Could you be calling createBranchUniversalObject more than once?

import { Contacts, Permissions, MailComposer, DangerZone } from 'expo';
let { Branch } = DangerZone
componentDidMount() {
    // Branch.subscribe((bundle) => {
    //   if (bundle && bundle.params && !bundle.error) {
    //     // `bundle.params` contains all the info about the link.
    //     console.log(`BRANCH BUNDLE: ${bundle}`)
    //   }
    // })
    // onPress={() => this.shareContent(item.title)}

Those are the times that things are referenced

Here is the result:

createBranchUniversalObject branch obect: {
  "ident": "E4CF6754-1EC9-4734-B0B4-F3DCBF573ABA"

onShareLinkPress branch obect: {
  "ident": "D28E9676-71FF-47D4-A31F-C8B4C12319BD"

Hi, were you able to fix it?

No I tried to test it in a few different ways but nothing seemed to work. Any ideas?

Did you try to test it as a standalone app or using the expo client?

Using the Expo client.

you’ve got to test it as a standlaone app

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What do you mean by that?

Hmmm I’m facing the same error. By testing it as a standalone app, do you mean to go through the steps specified here without submitting it to the app stores?

yes, that is what i mean

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