Branch Integration Strips iOS Entitlements

  • Managed workflow
  • eas-cli 0.53.1

Hello, we are trying to integrate react-native-branch with associated domains for iOS Universal Links.

Before a build, running expo config --type introspect outputs this for iOS Entitlements:

entitlements: {
          '': [
          'aps-environment': 'production',
          '': [
          '': [

However, after running eas build the XCode logs show the following entitlements:

    "application-identifier" = "";
    "beta-reports-active" = 1;
    "" = 9T3ZC4D4BU;
    "get-task-allow" = 0;

We’ve verified that the provisioning profile assigned during the build is valid, and has the correct capabilities enabled.

A similar problem was happening a couple months ago while integrating OneSignal push notifications. The core issue at that time was that EAS couldn’t add entitlements for multiple targets in a managed workflow project. However, we haven’t had any issue with our entitlements since eas-cli was updated to address that issue.

Since I don’t think requires building another target, it’s unclear what might be causing this issue.

@wkozyra You were super helpful with getting OneSignal working. Is there any possible conflict between the two config plugins during eas build

For anyone hitting this problem…

I moved OneSignal to the top of my list of plugins in my app.config.ts file, and it applied the entitlements correctly.

I think this is more of a workaround than a solution. The issue should probably be addressed in the eas library

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