"Blocked by play project". Gives a warning. What do you think is the reason

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  1. SDK Version: 42.0.1
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Huawei HarmonyOS
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I wanted to publish the application that I published with expo in huawei appgallery. I have attached aab file (I used this in google play) huawei signed by the same expo. I created another pem certificate for publishing to Huawei appGallery and uploaded it to appGallery. Then I published the app.

“Blocked by play project” when users try to download after publishing. gives the warning. If they accept, they will download it. You would appreciate that this does not leave a good impression on users. Where do you think the problem might be?

What comes to my mind is, when I bought abb with expo, I said manage the process expo. The app made signing expo and gave me aab. I posted this on play very easily. But I couldn’t add the aab file for huawei directly. I needed to define a certificate. I think I added another certificate (with pem extension). This time the app has been released. I wonder if I should try with an unsigned aab file or something. I also changed the application package name so that it would not work with Google.

Any ideas on this?

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