Blank white screen after splash on production version. No blank screen on Expo Go version or fresh install

Currently on SDK 42. Managed workflow.

I’ve come across a strange issue. When I run expo publish on my latest code, and receive this update on my pre-installed app on my device I see a blank screen after the splash screen, which stays there indefinitely. A similar thing happens with TestFlight, if I have my older version from the app store installed on my phone, then install the new TestFlight version I see a blank screen after the splash screen. Same behaviour when I install an apk on my Android device when there’s already a version of the app installed.

Weirdly, if I uninstall the app before downloading the latest version from TestFlight it works without any issue, plus all subsequent expo publishes to this version will also work without issue. I do not see this issue when installing a fresh apk on Android either. Same thing goes for running it in Expo Go, running in dev mode and in production mode, all works fine without any errors or warning messages.

I have added Sentry recently to see if it spits out an error which I can’t replicate in development, and it hasn’t shown me anything so far. I have been rolling back recent changes to try to track down a problem package, but removing these doesn’t help.

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas what might be causing it?

UPDATE: I think I have fixed it, seems to have been a state issue.

I was performing a conditional render using a value from state, on the production version this value did not yet exist, thus when the update was found and the app refreshed it was trying to render something based on a value which was not yet defined causing a white screen. I managed to recreate the error in the development environment by commenting out the newer values in the reducer, the message was TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'agencyDetails.selfConfirmation')

On the development environment and on fresh installs this value was defined, which is why I couldn’t see the same error.

Silly mistake on my part.

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