Blank screen in the compilation, in expo client it works perfect

My application works well with sdk 37 and react navigation 4. I have updated to sdk 38 and everything is perfect in the expo client, in the android emulator and in the physical device but when I do a compilation after the welcome screen that goes from a stack to a top tab material I get a blank screen. I have updated to react navigation 5 and the same thing happens, in the expo client it works perfect, when I compile and install the application, the same blank screen.
Expo sdk 38

It is not because I have upgraded to SDK 38 or reaction navigation … It is because I have launched a standalone application with a launch channel and it doesn’t seem to load the data from the server, I don’t know where to put the function getApiUrl (releaseChannel) and I’m pretty lost
I am using firebase as a server and I have a development environment and a production environment.
Please, I need help with this!

Hey @jorgem,

Can you share the code relevant to determining the apiUrl you currently have implemented. And just for some further clarification, you’re saying it’s not loading the data from your Firebase server correct?


Exactly, it doesn’t load the firebase data but it does login.
I have created two firebase environments for development and production. I have created an app.config.js file and in extra I put the firebase and app settings from facebook and apis and I use it with Constants.manifest.extra.whatever.

I have created a configEnv.js file that I attach in an image but I don’t know where to use it in app.js or in another file.
The issue is that in development in the expo client it works fine, but when I build a .aab release channels <dev / prod> or default and install it on the device the application works but does not load the data, it only loads the data that comes from facebook when login, as name.
Thank you very much for answering Adam, I have been with this problem for several days and I do not know how to get out of here.

Any solution @adamjnav, help please

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