Best ways to organise a "combined" workflow

Hello guys! I’m working on an application which is going to use in app purchases as the only “bare” thing. I wouldn’t like to jump into the bare workflow just because of one feature (which basically does nothing in terms of feature collection) and I’d like to stay on the managed workflow as long as possible. My question is how to make the app to be run on the managed workflow for testing and development but use the bare workflow only if I’m going to upload the app to stores. I’m not really happy to loose over the air updates but I understand that it’s going to happen anyway.

I can see two workarounds:

  1. Make “both apps” to use one source code folder. At this case I’m going to need to run dependency installs twice which is not that bad. Also I’m going to need to write some conditions either the app on “managed” or “bare” workflow to turn on/off IAP. That’s easy to do with some settings file (like package.json or whatever).
  2. Another option is to copy the project into some folder and run “expo eject” only if I want to upload the app to stores. After the app is uploaded then remove the folder and continue “managed” development. That idea is trickier but sounds more bullet proof because I don’t need to update 2 versions of the app (run installs etc). This option also requires some conditioning.

Any thoughts to achieve that in a more elegant way?

First note, bare workflow doesn’t lose OTAs. Here

Further you can get expo client working with bare workflow projects here
Hope that helps.

Oh! That’s fantastic. Thank you a lot!