Best way to share dev app via email/text?

i’d like to share my new app with friends before it’s in TestFlight - but can’t find the right way to do it. I am asking them to download the expo app, then once they do i use ode to text them a link. but the link is not clickable within iMessage - making it a very confusing propositions - am i doing something wrong?

What link are you sharing?

It usually works pretty well to share the https:// URL for a project and that will usually get linked in iMessage.


Also, if you’re sharing, it’s prob best to do a publish first rather than sharing your URL. This will be a little more stable and load faster for your testers and work if you close your laptop, etc.

@ccheever yes, the https link works well thanks for that. i still am instructing ppl to click the link, download the app, then click the link again but that seems to be quite grokkable. And yes definitely doing this with a published package :slight_smile: