Best error service to use with Expo currently?

I noticed that sentry’s react-native library requires (I think) using native modules or react-native link. Is there an error logging service that works with Expo right now? Trying to avoid exiting to expo-kit if possible…

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Hi there! Sentry is the best service to use right now. If you wait a few days I will provide a good guide for doing this and some changes upstream to react-native-sentry to make this easier to do. Right now it’s very manual and you may get frustrated. I can walk you through it on Slack if you absolutely need it before the end of the week though!


Thanks Brent. Anytime in the next couple of weeks would be fine.

So does it mean that there is no error tracking service that can be used with Expo without “exiting to expo-kit”? I assume that if I “eject” the app, then I cannot use expo publish any longer, which means in order to use any error tracking service, I need to stop using expo publish. Is that true?

I dont think you need to eject. Sounds like you can use sentry right now if you wanted to but if you wait a few days brent will publish a few tips or a guide to save you time setting it up.

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I was under the impression that if you want to use “react native link” command, then you had to eject first. I cannot find any error service that does not require “react native link”. I guess I’ll wait for Brent to publish some tips on this matter.

You don’t need to use react-native link to set up the native error tracking with Sentry using Expo because we handle your native errors – any native crash from your app goes through us and we deal with those, similar to how with Chrome, Google handles any non-JS crashes for you.

The Sentry integration that I’m working on is a wrapper for the JS-side of react-native-sentry and integration into our publishing flow so the setup is easy and deployment is automated. I’m waiting on a new version of raven-js and react-native-sentry to be cut with some improvements that I pushed to make it work better with React Native in general and with Expo, then soon after that we will release an updated version of exp and XDE, along with the sentry-expo npm package and a guide to get it set up. @arcomito is right that you can use it right now if you want, but it’ll take you time to figure out so probably best to wait a few days.

Here’s an example of what the integration looks like: