Bare Workflow, Enable Debug - App Crash

In bare workflow project, when enabling debug in phone/simulator using ctrl + m, the App crashing in android.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new project using (expo init sampleproject) and select typescript minimal under bare workflow (last option),
  2. Run yarn android and Press ctrl + m in app and select debug in the menu
  3. App crashes

No changes made to any file in the project.

Same thing here. App crash when trying to debug on Android! Did you find a workaround to this issue?

you can remove react-native-reanimated from your project or switch over to use hermes instead. Crash on Android when enabling debug mode · Issue #1990 · software-mansion/react-native-reanimated · GitHub

Why it is pre-configured and comes with expo boiler plate and also i hope it is dependency of react-navigation 5 ?

Issues Links:
React Native:
as mentioned by @notbrent ,
React Native Animated: