BarCodeScanner resizes itself on Android devices - SDK32


I’m using a BarCodeScanner from Expo, here’s the code:

<View style={styles.slot}>
          {this.state.hasCameraPermission === null
            ? <Text>Requesting for camera permission</Text>
            : this.state.hasCameraPermission === false
                ? <Text >
                    Camera permission is not granted
                : <BarCodeScanner

When I open this screen, the preview of the camera is square, but as soon as I move the device and that the camera really focus, it changes the ration to what appears to be the same one as the ratio of the screen. The thing is it can put itself on top of other components if I don’t put enough margin. Is there a way to force the ratio to a square one?

Here’s picture of the resized qr scanner (should be square) to understand:

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