BarCodeScanner doesn't work on 2D Truncated PDF417

BarCodeScanner doesn’t work on Truncated PDF417 but it works fine with regular PDF417, QR, Aztec and Data Matrix. I tried with different SDKs and the one that works is SDK 23 but no way with SDK 24, 25, … ,29.

Does anyone have any idea of what might have happened with these new versions?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Hi @hashmat - are you experiencing this on iOS or Android? If Android, have you tried using the Camera component instead of BarCodeScanner?

Hi @esamelson, It’s both, iOS and Android

Hi @esamelson,
Do you have any solution for the issue?

Hi @esamelson,
I just found out that the PDF417 barcode I was trying to scan is the "Truncated PDF417 " barcode also called Compact PDF417 which is not supported by the BarcodeScanner. The regular PDF417 works fine. Is there any chance to make this work too?

This simple Expo snack

works on Android (targeting sdk 24)
as soon as you use a later sdk (say 26) the same barcode is not recognized

On top of that using sdk 26 gives a number back as barode type instead of the string (2048 instead of pdf_417)
I didn’t find any mention to barcode changes inside relenotes of sdk 25 and 26

Hi @esamelson, as @4xemme mentioned the component works on android (targeting SDK24) but not on iOS, on later versions of SDKs it doesn’t work on none of these platforms

Here’s an example of compact PDF 417
The snack linked to Barcode scanner doc works fine with it as long as you run it on SDK 24
But it can’t scan it with later SDKs

Any news on this?

No :disappointed:

And here is another example:

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